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    The constitutional project of Orient Archaeological Society was born in March 2,005 in Murcia, it's a society without profit aims and just with deeply vocation to study and disclosure the Orient Civilizations to understand its geographical framework from European and Mediterranean East to distant Asian countries.

   This society is formed by a specialized team in Archaeology, History and related sciences, proceeding from different professional environments, like university, politics, public and private administration,  its associates founders proposed to commence the initiative to manage and develop all cultural and scientific projects directed toward knowledge of Middle East.

    This founder nucleus saw the light from the rich experience working together as an archaeological team for more than ten years in the Syrian Arab Republic participating into the projects developed by Ancient History Department of Murcia University, integrated to the Ancient Near East Institute, and also other specialists from the Universities of Sevilla and Barcelona became part of this project. 

    Nevertheless, this new institutional project surpasses the academical environment, and assumes a cooperative and more social role, using the cultural societies style, and all cultural developer is able to come into this project, with the only purpose to carry out together the approach of the Spanish toward that distant and cultural Orient universe.



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Objectives of OAS


    OAS try to become a intermediary and cultural operator, creating a social space integrated by specialists, investors and any common person possessor of the deeply desire to learn about oriental lands. At the same time OAS want to manage the scientific investigation and the cultural interchange with these countries.

    Short and long terms Projects, execution of survey and archaeological excavations, university interchanges, organization of cultural tourist trips, restoration and management of monuments, edition of magazines and audiovisual material, schools and workshops of archaeological formation, publicity on web and temporary expositions, are part of the constitutional activities.



Institutional participation and Sponsorship


    OAS was born linked to the University of Murcia, where is settled its headquarters through the participation of many important institutions like the University of Murcia Museum and the Ancient Near East Institute.  As well, OAS have financial contributions from its associates, public subsidies and the sponsorship of private companies. 



Spanish Archaeological Mission in Anatolia


    In summer 2.006 it took place the first great scientific project of  OAS: "The Spanish Archaeological Mission in Turkey", financed by CESPA Co. from Barcelona, this project started with an initial expedition for prospecting archaeological sites, and at the same time to get in contact with the relevant Turkish Authorities. As a result of the appreciable support from Cervantes Institute in Istanbul, the expedition could bring to Spain reports and very interesting proposals for the execution of excavations, the most exceptional offer was presented by municipal authorities from Dinar and Afyonkarahisar Museum, to take part in the excavation of the old greco-roman city of Apamea in Phrygia, which is one of the most important classical cities in all Anatolia, it has same archeological level that Efeso, Hierapolis or Pergamo. 

    Consecuently, OAS mission proposes to concentrate their investigations into the area where the monumental remainders are situated, mainly the Theater, the one that is priority for The Municipal Government, because their investment plans and touristic activities are directed toward this theater. The agreement is to start the excavations in 2,007, after the relevant administrative permission.

    Dinar is located next to the "Great Lakes" and near to the touristic areas at the Aegean and Mediterranean Coast, and offers an excellent infrastructure to develop any cultural project and has big investment expectations for interests of the Society and its sponsors.

    Turkey is a reach country in culture, is a considerable candidate to become part of the European Union, and at the same is the Orient's Door, for all those reasons the success in the management of this kind of project is always supported by a modern social structure, conformed by institutional and technical values, fused with the  preservation of its ancient significance and wonderfull landscapes, offering to everybody one unique idiosyncrasy. Turkey is perhaps the first "footstep" that all european  traveller should explore on his trip to Orient.





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