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Important archaeological dig near Jumilla begins

One of the most important archaeological excavations on the Iberian Peninsula has begun on a 2,500 year site near Jumilla in Murcia. Sponsored to the tune of €100,000 by a non-profit making organisation, "Fundación Adendia", Coimbra del Barranco Ancho is part of the initiative undertaken by the "Proyecto Iberos Murcia".

It is located in the northern spur of the Sierra de Santa Ana mountain range, about five kilometres from Jumilla town centre. The background to this settlement dates back to the last years of the fifth century B.C. to the first years of the second century, until the onset of the Roman troop's arrival to the inhabited areas, which were stroyed and its population dispersed.

The dig is led by José Miguel García Cano the Director of the "Museo de la Universidad de Murcia". Inits first phase it will focus on the necropolis of the site which holds the ancient tombs.

These works began in October and are expected to finish in November. José Miguel García Cano has in fact led the archaeological works in Coimbra del Barranco Ancho since the eighties and has in more recent years been accompanied by Emiliano Hernández, Director of the "Museo Arqueológico de Jumilla" and Virginia Page, Director of the "Museo de Arte Ibérico del Cigarralero".

Besides the work that is being carried out on the necropolis the team from "Proyectos Íberos Murcia" have also been cleaning various structures of the "poblado" or settlement. They wish to restart excavation and restoration work on the poblado in the future. Without the "Fundación Adendia" money in this first phase of the project the archaeological dig would be dramatically delayed. The foundation wants to encourage historical investigation into our past through excavation and conservation and to stimulate knowledge and understanding of the heritage of Jumilla as well as the Region of Murcia.

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